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Article 1

Navigating The South Californian Elementary School System

As globalization continues to bring countries and people closer together, immigration is becoming a more frequent occurrence for many families seeking better educational opportunities for their children. For young first-generation immigrants, adapting to a new environment and culture can be a challenging experience, especially when it comes to schooling. However...(continue reading on home page)

Article 2

The Importance Of Language Diversity

In many parts of the Western world, there is a commonly held belief that the native peoples who inhabited lands before European colonization were uncivilized savages, creating an unfortunate and prevailing bias that views native peoples and their languages as inferior and primitive. This leads to..(continue reading on home page)


Article 3

The Importance Of Cutural Diversity-Story Of Tunbao

The Tunbao people are a unique cultural group that resides in the Gansu province in China. Despite being ethnically Han, they maintain their own vibrant and fascinating customs and traditions.(Continue reading on first page)

Article 4

Immigration Firsthand

Immigration can be a daunting experience for both adults and children, particularly for the latter, who may be especially vulnerable to the challenges of adjusting to a new country. (Continue reading on first page)

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