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  • Hands in Hands is a nonprofit, volunteer organization founded and run by high school students in Orange County, California. While originally a high school club, we decided to reach out to a larger audience than just our high school, and now we aim to promote the beauty of cultural and language diversity in our community by creating a safe place for the immigrated and/or emerging ethnic groups to connect and broadcast their voices within both Orange and LA county. 


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About us

Diversity. Awareness. Influence. Inspiration.

  • Our team is entirely run by Asian American immigrants or 1st generation children of immigrants in America. All of our collective shared experiences and hardships, as well as our joyful moments from when we first arrived and adjusted to the culture shift, enable us to connect with new immigrants and young adults who are still yet to adapt to the changes in a new environment. 


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2200 Dorothy Ln, Fullerton, CA 92831


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